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Legacy Christian School teachers are rich in experience and education – many hold master’s degrees – and all are certified by the State of Michigan. What’s more, we encourage our teachers to pursue professional excellence by underwriting the cost of graduate school classes and workshops. Our teachers share a common commitment to Christ as professing members of evangelical churches that support the teachings of the Reformed faith.

Jane Adams
K-8 Inclusive Education Director

Sheri Albrecht
Bus Driver

Jamie Andino
Spanish Immersion Kindergarten Teacher

Mary Ashby
Special Education Coordinator

Larry Bergakker
Maintenance Director

Lori Bolt
Student Union Aide

Vince Bonnema
Head Administrator

Laurie Bosma
Kindergarten Teacher

Karen Brinks
Financial Secretary

Steve Buerger
Bus Driver

Erika Cole
Preschool Aide

Jenna Conlin
Spanish Teacher

Nico Damsteegt
Bus Driver

Kris DeKock
Elementary Food Service

Curt DeYoung
West Campus Leader; 7th/8th Grade Social Studies; 7th Grade Math

Dave Haagsma
Music, Choir, Strings, Band

Amy Hackert
7th/8th Grade Language Arts; Media Specialist

Gail Hansen
Elementary Campus Leader; Preschool Teacher

Amy Hoekzema
5th/6th Grade Science; 5th/6th Grade Social Studies

Kelly Holleman
Kindergarten Aide

Brittany Huerter
3rd/4th Grade Teacher

Bambi Lanting
Elementary Secretary

Kristen Lautenbach
5th/6th/7th Grade Language Arts

Tim Leugs
7th/8th Grade Math, 7th/8th Grade Science

Naomi Lyzenga
5th/6th Grade Bible; 5th/6th Grade Math; 5th/6th Grade Language Arts

Kerri Monroy
Spanish Immersion 1st Grade Teacher

Rachael Morren
1st Grade Teacher

Britley Mulder
Exploration Station Aide

Faythe Patterson
Student Union Aide

Kris Petersen
West Campus Food Service

Jaimie Sinnema
Art Teacher

Kristi Slotsema
Developmental Kindergarten Teacher

Heidi Tameling
Student Union Aide

Elly TerBeek
Physical Education; Athletic Director

Crystal VanBeek
Technology Teacher

Ronda VanSledright
Bus Driver

Mary VanWingerden
4th Grade Teacher

Gayle Veenstra
Elementary Secretary

Matt Veltema
7th & 8th Grade Bible; 7th & 8th Grade Math

Tammy Vredevoogd
3rd Grade Teacher   

Sandra Vroon
Reading Recovery

Sue Warsen
Student Union Aide

Kate Wierenga
2nd Grade Teacher

Kim Zwyghuizen
Promotions Leader; West Campus Secretary